Destination GREEN KARST

The nature of the Green Karst is magical and one of a kind, full of surprises and uniqueness.

Stone and water, forests and meadows form an incredible landscape. Breathtaking karst phenomena, the richness of plant life, the numerous types of birds and butterflies, cave animals and wild beasts captivate everyone.

The mysterious underground world with beautiful dripstones, tunnels and waters take your breath away. Unspoilt and unforgettable.

We have prepared guided experiences of the Green karst destination.

The unspoilt nature and varied relief of the Green Karst have many excursion points that can satisfy those who love to spend their leisure time in nature, as well as mountain adventurers used to do demanding climbs on less known routes.

Take on a guided day trip in the heart of the forest of Snežnik, where during a walk along forgotten routes a soothing shilling of the tree crowns of the old forest will accompany you. The route has breath-taking views on unique karst phenomena and plants, typical of this area, where Mediterranean and continental climates meet. Forest animals will observe you from a safe distance, while with every walked meter you will get a better glimpse of the sky.

DMO Zeleni kras

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