PROGRAM BETWEEN FIELDS – »A journey between the karst surface and underground in Notranjska« 

We offer you a chance to discover and explore the area of the Classical Karst, which is known worldwide for its special landscape features.

Notranjska – a part of the Classical Karst

The area between the Lož and Cerknica polje (field) is a typical transitional territory between the sink area of one polje and the spring area of the other. The farm at the edge of the Cerknica polje still performs traditional farming chores. From village Otok a lojtrnik (traditional hay cart) takes passengers to the village of Dolenje Jezero. Jezerski hram is a museum where you can experience a comprehensive multimedia interpretation of the area.

Starting point:

The starting point of our journey is the village of Dane in the municipality of Loška dolina in Notranjska.

Length (km):

  • On foot: 6 km
  • By car: 20 km
  • With the lojtrnik hay cart: 4 km

Duration: 8 – 9 HOURS

Package includes:

  • Professional guidance and heritage interpretation.
  • Visit to the T’ Dolenj Farm including an interpretation of farming chores and a light meal.
  • Lunch made from local self-supply (Levar Farm).
  • Ride with the lojtrnik hay cart.
  • Visit to the Jezerski hram Museum.


  • 2 persons – 100.00 EUR per person
  • 3-5 persons – 70.00 EUR per person
  • 6-8 oseb 50,00 EUR na osebo
    *50% discount for children aged 6 to 15


The programme is conducted in groups consisting of a minimum of 2 to maximum of 8 people. The trip is not difficult. It requires intermediate fitness levels and is also suitable for children of 6 years and above. Hiking shoes are mandatory.

Due to limited number of visitors in the group and in one day you need to make reservation of visit on telephone before the visit. Prepayment of the program is required. Program is performed by arrangement.


Author of the images Simon Avsec